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Koh Phi Phi is a small group of picturesque islands about 48 kilometres (30 miles) southwest by boat from Phuket.  Phi Phi's extraordinary blessings are nature-made:  exceptional undersea sanctuaries, towering limestone monoliths, and dazzling beaches. The islands have enticed movie-makers to showcase its stunning beauty in faraway adventure features.  Hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to its sunny shores and crystal seas to experience Phi Phi Islands on dive excursions, snorkel tours, and long-tail boat sightseeing trips.  Outdoor exploration and laid-back relaxation go hand-in-hand on these geographically isolated islands that have become a well-known vacation attraction for international travellers.  Discover alluring Koh Phi Phi from deep sea caverns to warm sandy shores and barefoot beach bars to elegant resorts.