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Outrigger Khao Lak Beach Resort


Outrigger Khao Lak Beach Resort

4 Family Beach Activities to Make Your Trip More Memorable

March 13, 2020

From the warming sun to the cooling sea, and even the soft sands, there are just so many aspects that help make a beach trip a memorable one. This is especially true when you visit the beach with your family for a vacation. From walking on the sands with your loved ones or snorkeling in the waters with your brothers or sisters, there’s plenty more to be enjoyed when someone else you care for shares these memories and moments with you.

Outrigger Khao Lak Beach Resort

4 Activities to Enjoy in Khao Lak during the Low Season

March 8, 2020

While everyone is hyped about visiting Khao Lak during the high season where all the festivities and craze are happening, the big crowds aren’t for everyone. If you’re planning to head to Khao Lak during the low season, chances are that you want to enjoy a quiet atmosphere, and Khao Lak itself, in its resting state. However, know that many tourist destinations, such as the Similan Islands, as well as clubs and restaurants, are closed until high season hits.

Outrigger Khao Lak Beach Resort

A Quick Guide Through Cheow Lan Lake – What to Know

March 1, 2020

Just 50km away from Khao Lak is one of the world’s most amazing and oldest forest, Khao Sok National Park. Here, exotic fauna and beautiful flora inhabit what some people call the wettest area in Thailand. If you’re planning to visit Khao Sok National Park, be prepared to marvel at the natural beauty this place has to offer and stand stunned, staring into one of its most beautiful gems—Cheow Lan Lake.

Outrigger Khao Lak Beach Resort

3 Wonderful Activities You Can Enjoy in and Around Khao Lak

February 24, 2020

While only found an hour north of Phuket, Khao Lak is much more relaxed compared to its rowdier neighbor. If you are looking for a peaceful environment, then Khao Lak is the right place for you! It is a destination that is filled with many exciting activities for anyone to do as well. From hiking to snorkeling and even kayaking, this beautiful place has got it all just for you to enjoy. In other words, Khao Lak offers the perfect blend of excitement and relaxation.

Outrigger Khao Lak Beach Resort

5 Defining Characteristics of Boutique Hotels and Resorts

February 14, 2020

Hotels, resorts, and other temporary accommodations have been part of human history and have shown themselves in many different forms but all with the same purpose—a place to stay during travel. Today, these accommodations come in various forms still, such as boutique hotels and resorts to the humble hostels.

Outrigger Khao Lak Beach Resort

3 Things to Do for a Romantic Vacation in Khao Lak

February 9, 2020

Are you planning for a romantic vacation at Khao Lak with the love of your life? Congratulations! You picked one of if not the best places to ever plan a romantic vacation on.

Outrigger Khao Lak Beach Resort

3 Hot Springs in Khao Lak That You Should Visit

February 1, 2020

If you’re in Khao Lak but want a relaxing experience away from beaches, consider visiting one of its many hot springs. Straight from the underground, these springs offer you a bubbly warm pool, perfect for relaxing. Not only do they help you relax, but hot springs offer a myriad of health benefits to you, too, thanks to the minerals found in the water…

Outrigger Khao Lak Beach Resort

3 Relaxing Activities to Do On a Beach Vacation in Khao Lak

January 20, 2020

The beach is always synonymous with summertime, which promises busy-bees a chance to wash away their piling stress and relax by the shore. Conversely, the beaches in Khao Lak, Thailand, are summer personified as pristine waters, palm trees, coconut groves, and an isolated stretch of white sand.

Outrigger Khao Lak Beach Resort

Visiting Khao Lak – The History of Muay Thai and What It Is Today

January 10, 2020

If you ask anyone about what sport came about from Thailand, most, if not all, will talk about Muay Thai or Thai boxing. Muay Thai, while already extremely famous within Thailand, grew in popularity everywhere else around the world thanks to different fighting competitions, such as the UFC. Because of that, many people, Thais and foreigners alike, take up to train in this beautiful and deadly form of martial arts.

Outrigger Khao Lak Beach Resort

5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Beach to Visit in Khao Lak

December 20, 2019

While there are plenty of activities you can enjoy on vacation, one of the best things you can ever experience, especially with your family, is a visit to the beach. From the sun to the sand and the sea, the beach is just an icon of excitement and relaxation. Of course, with plenty of other beaches out there, choosing the right beach to visit might become more of a hassle and less of an exciting adventure.