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Our Guide to 3 Great Beach Activities in Phuket

November 8, 2019
Outrigger Surin Beach Resort

There’s just so much you can think of when it comes to activities on the beach with your friends and family. Sooner or later, you’re going to run out of ideas, and the children will be tugging on your pants to cook up something new to do. When that moment arrives, think of these three activities that will keep your children (and even the adults) busy and having fun!

1. Beach Petong

Petong is a game that requires only a few things: balls and sand. And guess where you’re at where there’s plenty of sand: the beach! Now, all you need to do is to bring yourself a set of petong balls (or bocce sets designed for the beach), and you’re good to go. Of course, if none of your family members know how the game works, it is time for you to educate them. Here’s how to play beach petong:

First, you have to create two different teams. Each team will be given the same number of balls to be thrown into a lane, which you’ll build. If you don’t know how to design the lane, you can draw a line where the participants will stand before tossing the ball. With that done, give one team a small ball (referred to as a jack). Tell them to throw this jack as far as they want to. When that’s done, each team will take their turn tossing balls as close to the jack as possible. The team with the ball that’s closer to the jack than any other opposing team’s shots will score a point.

2. Sack Toss

Cornhole, sack toss, whatever you call it, is an entertaining game for the family. All you need to make the game come to life is this: two boards with two small cutouts and place them, however far you want from each other. When that’s done, divide the people into two teams, both at one end of the boards. Hand them their sandbags and watch as they take turns trying to lob the bags into the holes of the board, where once it’s over, they’ll switch over to collect the bags and throw again.

Watch as your family and friends laugh and shout at each other, trying to score points for their teams. Head out back to your rooms later that evening talking about how they’ve knocked someone else’s sandbag right into the hole, being more helpful to the opponents than to their team.

3. Ladder Bola

One of the best games you can ever play at the beach that is sure to keep people having fun for hours on end is the ladder bola. All there is to it is to stand a ladder at a distance and to toss their bolas at it. The higher the rung that the bola strikes and gets caught in, the more the point. Up the difficulty by further distancing the ladder from the throwing line. We guarantee you that you’re going to continue talking about the game even when it is over.

Staying at the beach doesn’t have to be boring and limited to dipping in the water and watching the sunset. With these activities above, you can make your vacation with family and friends even more fun!

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