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4 Activities for a Romantic Vacation in Phuket – Our Guide

February 14, 2020
Outrigger Surin Beach Resort

Thinking about what activities to take on can be difficult because of the many options to choose from. If you’re looking for ways to create a magical and romantic holiday on your next vacation to Thailand, then look no further! We have a list made just for you on what you can do in Phuket to create the most memorable and romantic vacation experience here on this stunning island.

Here are four activities to do in Phuket to have a memorable and romantic vacation:

1. Dive under the waters and discover the sea world beneath
If you or your partner has never explored the underwater world, now is your chance! Phuket offers some of the best diving spots in the world, and with water temperatures hovering around 30 degrees Celsius, there’s no excuse not to. If diving is a little extreme for the two of you, then you can consider snorkeling instead.

The point is that the underwater world offers a whole new level of beauty. From stunning coral reefs to vibrant and exotic fishes, there are wonders to behold that’ll excite you and your partner’s senses.

2. Snap romantic pictures on another island
While Phuket offers plenty of romantic activities for you and your partner to enjoy, consider traveling to the other surrounding islands. For example, you can visit the Similan Islands that is an area known for its serene and natural beauty.

If you want to make the experience extra special, why not hire a yacht? Other than having the entire boat to yourselves, you can two enjoy the natural beauties of the island while sharing your favorite bottle of wine. Just don’t forget to snap a few photos to post on your social media to show off to your friends and family just how wonderful of a time you are having.

3. Tour the stunning island of Phuket
If you’d rather stay on Phuket, you can still enjoy a fantastic time. In fact, you can even take a tour of the whole island. From the fantastic Promthep Cape to the stunning Chalong Temple, there are just so many places to go and activities to do on the island itself.

To take things up a notch, why not go on an air tour? Hop onto a helicopter and discover the island from up above, overseeing the beautiful nature, local life, and all that makes up Phuket.

4. Enjoy a romantic, candle-lit dinner by the beach
Can you think of any better way to end a fun-filled day than to have a romantic, candle-lit dinner by the beach?

While you and your partner share the wonderful flavors of Thailand, taste amazing local dishes, and perhaps some exotic seafood options, be prepared to have an unforgettable experience thanks to the beautiful sunset.

Truth be told, if you’ve never watched a sunset or enjoyed dinner by the beach, now’s your chance! Before you know it, you’ll dream of the next time you can have such a memorable and romantic experience once more, perhaps somewhere else around the world.

Wrapping up

Phuket is a haven for couples who are looking for romantic activities. From wonderful beach-side dinners to exciting ocean activities, there is just much to do with your partner, sharing in the wonderful experiences and creating a stronger relationship between you two.

If you are looking for a way to enhance the entire trip, we highly recommend that you book your stay at a boutique hotel or resort. If that is what you desire, then book with Outrigger Surin Beach Resort today! From suites to pools, we have everything that you’ll ever need to make the most out of your visit from Phuket. Share a couple’s massage or learn how to cook amazing Thai delicacies together to make your romantic vacation much more memorable.