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4 Activities to Do at the Beach for Those Who Fear Water

March 8, 2020
Outrigger Surin Beach Resort

While the beach is the perfect destination for many people, it actually might not be the same for those who are aquaphobic. In other words, if you have a fear of water, the beach might not be the best place to go to. Nevertheless, being afraid of the water isn’t anything you should be ashamed about, and it undoubtedly shouldn’t ruin the experience for you! There are still plenty of things you can do on the sands without entering the waters, all of them being extremely fun!

In this article, we will share with you four activities to do at the beach if you fear water:

1. Read a good book

Sometimes, the best thing to do at the beach is to lie down and read a good book. In fact, with the calming rhythm of the waves crashing onto the shore, and the cool breeze blowing across your skin, nothing seems better than to relax under the shade and read your favorite novel.

Plus, while your friends are busy splashing in the waters, you’ll be transported to another realm of your imagination. Just grab yourself a cold drink and enjoy your time!

2. Construct your dream castle

Have you ever wanted to build that 5-meter tall sandcastle of your dreams? While that might be a little hard to do, now’s your chance to give it a try! Just grab the shovel and bucket and get your creativity flowing through your veins. While you can do this all by yourself, you can make it even more fun and have someone join you! Grab some shells, pebbles, and anything else you find lying around and use them to decorate your castle.

If you’re not so much of a builder, you can still draw on the sands! Grab a stick and start writing a message or creating a portrait of something beautiful. Just don’t forget to snap a photo after that and share it!

3. Enjoy a fishing trip

Are you hungry for some good fish? Why not catch them fresh by the pier or even on the boat? You don’t have to be a lover of water to enjoy the best that the ocean gives. Just don’t forget to pack your lunchbox and perhaps even your favorite can of beer. Plus, if you’re fortunate, you might even catch a delicious fish for an evening barbeque!

4. Snap a sunset photo

Are you looking for the perfect photo to share with your family and friends on your social media? We hope that you remain patient! About an hour before sunset, find your way to the beach and be ready for the stunning phenomenon! The golden sun coating everything with an orange glow paired with the magnificent blue-orange sky is just a sight that you would not want to miss.


Even if you never touch the ocean, the beach will still be plenty of fun for you. From building your sandcastle to enjoying a nap at the beach, there are many activities you can always do in the safety of the sands. Even a simple activity, such as strolling by the waters can be a memory you’ll never forget because of the beauty of the beach.

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