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5 Reasons Phuket Is the Perfect Destination for Gay Couples

February 24, 2020
Outrigger Surin Beach Resort

One of the biggest concerns LGBT travelers have when going around to different locations is whether or not these destinations will accept them. While this might not be too much of a problem for LGBT individuals, couples are likelier to have a much more challenging time.

If you’re in an LGBT relationship, know that Phuket welcomes you! It has been, for many decades, a popular destination for many gay couples out there. Why is this so? We will give you five reasons this is so:

1. Phuket has plenty of LGBT-friendly events

There are many events that take place in Phuket all year. Of course, there are gay festivals and activities as well! For example, Phuket holds an event called TropOut, a gay beach festival where everyone comes along to enjoy exhilarating parties and performances.

Other than this event, there are still other festivals, whether catering to gays or not, that you can freely attend to enjoy it just like anyone else.

2. Phuket prides in its lively nightlife

The word “lively” is actually an understatement. This is because the nightlife you’ll encounter here is perhaps one of the wildest and energetic nightlife you’ll ever find in this country, only rivaled by Bangkok.

If you’re looking to treat yourself and your partner to a night at the bar or even at the sauna, visit Paradise Complex. There, you’ll find both and plenty of other things to do to fill your wonderful evening here.

3. Phuket boasts stunning beaches

Anyone and everyone can agree that Phuket’s beaches are simply stunning. The combination of sun, sand, and sea will always fill people with feelings of relaxation and excitement.

If you decide to stay with us, you’re already next to one of the most beautiful beaches you can find here: Surin Beach. Here, you’ll get to enjoy a stunning beach surrounded by high-end amenities, a perfect combo for the perfect beach trip.

4. Phuket has a culture that is welcoming

Thai culture is known widely as a non-judgmental, welcoming experience. They won’t judge anyone according to their preferences and will keep their opinions private. Because of this, many people, gay or not, often feel extremely welcomed here.

However, whether you’re gay or straight, keep in mind that public displays of affection are still not a sight many locals want to see. It isn’t normal for the people there to do such a thing, so be aware of this.

5. Phuket is surrounded by many beautiful islands

If you’re in Phuket and you do not visit even one of its beautiful neighboring islands, then you’re not getting the full experience of vacationing in Phuket!

Take some time off your busy schedule and visit the many beautiful islands that surround Phuket. If your time is limited, we highly recommend that you at least visit the Phi Phi Islands or Phang Nga Bay, both of which are popular islands you can go to. There, you’ll encounter emerald waters dotted by towering limestone karsts.

Wrapping up

Phuket is the ultimate destination for any gay out there, whether you’re traveling alone or as a couple. From stunning festivals to amazing venues plus the natural beauty of the island itself, there are plenty of activities you can do without worrying.

If you want to book a special accommodation to spend some romantic time with your partner here, Outrigger Surin Beach Resort welcomes with open arms! With boutique rooms and high-end amenities, not to being mention located right next to a stunning beach, you’ll feel right at home here. Plus, with the many experiences that we offer here, such as cooking classes, you and your partner will always find yourselves having fun!