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A Look at the Amazing Culture of Phuket

January 17, 2020
Outrigger Surin Beach Resort

It is no secret that Thailand is a land that is filled with wonders and excitement. From its amazing delicacies to its warm locals, there is so much to love about this beautiful country. That said, some of the most amazing cultures can also be found in Thailand. In fact, if you travel around the country, you will notice that the cultures change from place to place, making each one unique in their own way.

If you’re visiting Phuket, the culture there is an aspect that you will want to look at, other than its amazing beaches, of course.

The Food
One of the greatest aspects of Phuket, and of Thailand itself, is the delicious goodies you can find anywhere you go. All sorts of Thai delicacies that can be found in their restaurants, stalls, and many other places. Thanks to Phuket’s location right next to the sea, plenty of dishes incorporate fresh seafood. The cuisine here, thanks to the tourism industry, is also found to be a mix of local and western foods.

If you feel the craving for sumptuous food and are looking for the most authentic Thai dining experience, head to the street food stalls that you can find on almost any street. Restaurants also offer delectable local food, and they expand their offerings to include western dishes as well.

While Phuket serves plenty of meat, the area also serves its vegetarian population well. Most food places will either have vegetarian options ready for choosing, while you can also request to have a vegetarian dish instead. Phuket also holds yearly celebrations called the Phuket Vegetarian Festival, offering a myriad of dishes you can find nowhere else.

The Art
One of the essential aspects of Phuket culture is its art. It is embodied almost everywhere and integrated into all types of occasion. Whether it is a festival or even a simple prayer, art plays an integral role in the culture of the locals.

For many years, painters have used art to tell the story of Buddha’s life, along with many other folk tales and mythologies. Along with the usual painting, art is also made through carving and sculpting, which you can also find around the province.

Dance and Music
Along with art and food, dancing is also a big part of Thai culture. The dances you’ll find in Phuket are ones that focus on gestures, expressions, and hand movements. Each dance move a performer makes either has a story behind it or is a symbol of something that happened in history. The outfits that the dancers wear are incredibly detailed and elaborate in both color and design.

There are generally two types of dances you’ll encounter: folk and classical. These performances are commonly accompanied by music that consists of wood instruments and percussion performed by around five to twelve musicians, with the rhythm set to the dancer’s movements.

Phuket has so much to offer. Other than all the tourist attractions, its culture is a reason that should be enough for anyone to come and visit this fantastic island in Thailand. From food to festivals, there are always plenty of activities to do and experiences to enjoy.

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