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A Brief Guide to 4 Fantastic Diving Sites in Phuket Thailand

November 29, 2019
Outrigger Surin Beach Resort

Phuket, Thailand’s largest island, is a haven for tourists around the world. From world-class shopping centers to famous beaches, the region contains practically everything a tourist could ever dream of!

Do you want a different type of vacation experience? If so, perhaps you should consider exploring the diving sites. Even more beautiful than what Phuket has to offer on land is the treasure trove of vibrant corals and stunning sea creatures underwater. Regardless of your diving experience, everyone can enjoy the adventure that awaits under the surface. In this article, we’ll talk about the best places in Phuket for an underwater experience.

Here are four fantastic diving sites you must visit in Phuket:

1. Anemone Reef

Although it is notorious for being dangerous to ships and other water vessels, this large protruding pile of rock sits not far from the beaches. As the name implies, anemones fill the area, making what used to be a barren surface full of life in motion. Of course, if you’re looking for fish, you won’t be disappointed either. Inhabiting the place along with the anemones are clownfish, lionfish, and tuna. Although the area itself isn’t as beautiful as some other diving sites, it is still worth visiting.

2. King Cruiser Wreck

Unfortunately, the Anemone Reef did claim a ship, the King Cruiser. However, this has sparked new life, providing a brand new home to sea creatures all around. As a result, the wreck has become one of the most famous diving sites in Phuket. Uncanny as it is to see an object from the outside world to inhabit this underwater world, the place is stunning. The wreck has become a home to plenty of different sea creatures and corals, making the entire experience here to be one that’s eerily exciting and unique.

3. Koh Dok Mai

With such a beautiful name as Koh Dok Mai, which translates to flower island in English, one can expect that what lies beneath the surface is just as impressive. If you’re looking for the best diving wall in Phuket, this is the place you cannot miss. On top of the limestone that pretty much makes up the island are the vibrant corals filled with all kinds of sea creatures. Since the island is quite small, you won’t have to take long to cover the entire wall, either. Good things come in small packages, and this is true for the underwater realm of Koh Dok Mai.

4. Shark Point

As scary as the name sounds, the sharks that inhabit the area are leopard sharks, known to be extremely docile. You’ll see plenty of them roaming the seafloor along with plenty of other fishes. Many tropical fishes also inhabit the area, along with beautiful sand corals. Of course, you’re here to enjoy the company of sharks. Perhaps this is the only chance you’ll get to boast at your friends that you’ve swum with the sharks and lived to tell the tale.

What are you waiting for? Book your trip and pack your bags. Phuket has all the diving locations you’ll ever need, and even the gear to get you there. Enjoy the remarkable experience of a lifetime, and don’t forget to share this experience on your social media. Spread the love and tell everyone else about the stunning locations you’ve been to and the emotions of astonishment and awe that they need to experience at least once in their lifetime.

If you’re looking for a wonderful diving experience in Thailand, Outrigger Surin Beach Resort will complete your experience by being the perfect place to return to for some well-deserved rest. Get in touch to learn more about what we have waiting for you!