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Island Hopping Around Phuket

Outrigger Surin Beach Resort

The coastline along the Andaman Sea in Thailand has dramatic scenery and lots of stunning islands just waiting to be explored. Many of them are large enough for hotels or bungalows, but some are part of a natural reserves and thus only accessible by day trips. If time is not an issue, hopping from one to another is perfectly doable. However, taking a day trip to one or several islands is a great way to combine the two. Here we highlight 7 of the most popular islands to get you started.

  1. Poda Island is only a few kilometres from Krabi and part of a national park. There’s not much to do on the island apart from swimming and tanning. This, however, is more than enough to keep one happy as the beach is fabulous.
  2. Another great island is Chicken Island, which may or may not actually look like one, but that is subject to your own imagination. This island has a gorgeous coral reef that you can snorkel around (gear is usually included in your tour price) if you do not have your own.
  3. Railey Beach is a destination in and of itself and many tourists visit the beach every year. It’s mostly known for rock climbing and associated adventure sports. But even if you are not sporty, the vistas are amazing and the beach has a great vibe.
  4. Only a short boat ride from the mainland you will find Tub Island. Tub is much smaller than its neighbours, but better because it is more remote you can usually have the beach (almost) to yourself. It is an excellent spot for snorkelling and spotting lots of tropical fish.
  5. Just north of Phuket, you’ll find well-known James Bond Island, officially named Khao Phing Kan. It’s famous for starring in the 1974 James Bond movie ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’. Not to mention a 20-metre tall islet, Koh Tapu, which is quite remarkable. This Island is part of stunning Phang Nga Bay which covers an area of 400 and is home to some 100 islands!
  6. Phi Phi is probably the best-known island on the west coast. It’s a popular site for travellers who have read the book or seen the film ‘The Beach’. And whilst there are some beautiful corals and beaches in this group of islands, a lot of it has been damaged by too much tourism.
  7. And last but not least, Koh Lanta. This unassuming island has loads of character, and deserted beaches. The waters surrounding the island are magnificent and it’s a great place to swim. This is the kind of place you find a quaint bungalow on the beach and simply relax.