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4 Reasons Why Going to the Beach is Healthy for You

January 20, 2020
Outrigger Surin Beach Resort

People are often in search of ways to unwind from the daily stress of life. One natural form of therapy that is often recommended by doctors is going to the beach, so now you have scientific backing behind why you need to unplug from the city and unwind by the sea.


Hitting the beach is a universal tradition during summer, but more and more people are using it as the ultimate tropical escape to wash away any built-up stress. Beyond the picture-perfect view, palm-infringed coastlines, calm waves, and even the salty breeze offer a wealth of benefits for anxious-driven travelers.


If you’re looking for more proof why you need to book your much-needed vacation, the reasons below should convince you to dive into any oceanside paradise for a healing adventure:


Benefit #1: Beach Time Reduces Stress


People constantly live in a hectic schedule as work, personal life, hobbies, and relationships fight for your attention on the daily. Juggling between different responsibilities are one of the leading causes of burn-out in the workforce, which is why flying off to a tropical haven is the ultimate stress-buster.


The beach takes you far away from a tense environment, while the new scenery helps refresh your mind and recharge an exhausted mind. That’s why feeling the sand in between your toes, sipping on margaritas, or soaking in the sun by the bay often feels liberating to the core.


Benefit #2: Promotes a Happy and Peaceful State of Mind


Going to the beach gives busy-goers a chance to slow down from the daily grind and rest from the demands of work. Beaches are often awe-inspiring as the refreshing sights, sounds, and smells promote a highly stimulating and relaxing experience.


Beaches in Phuket, for instance, look like a hallmark of a tropical oasis as it features coconut groves, long stretches of white, soft sands, and natural beauty creating a breathtaking backdrop. With that in mind, unwinding at a foreign place helps lure anxious-driven people into a meditative state as the new experiences help in rewiring the brain.


On a more scientific note, the beach can literally calm your nerves as properties in seawater regulate the body’s blood pressure.


Benefit #3: Reduce Depression and Promotes Encompassing Relaxation


Everything about the beach can put even the most stressed-out people into good moods. Even the sound of waves crashing on the shore can help you relax – literally! The rhythmic sound has the uncanny ability to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for delivering positive signals to the brain.


The process help stabilize your heart rate and trigger your happy hormones, which makes the beach highly effective in promoting holistic peace.


Benefit #4: It’s Refreshing in Every Way


Living in the city means you have constant exposure to free radicals, pollution, and convoluted environment. That’s why feeling a sense of heaviness is a common occurrence when living in urban settings. With that in mind, there’s nothing quite as healing as the fresh, open-air in beaches.


The salty breeze not only liberates your lungs, but it helps flush out the negative ions of the city’s air and reduce your chances of developing seasonal affective disorder (SAD). With the wind brushing your skin, soft sand in between your toes, and a picturesque view, it’s no wonder hitting the beach is healthy for your mind and body.


In Conclusion


Lounging by a sun-kissed beach is no longer just a tropical fantasy – now, you can expect doctors to prescribe beach therapy as it freshens up weary minds in more ways than one. From the scenic view, salty waves, and ocean breezes, the beach is an on-earth paradise that can heal your body and mind – literally.

There’s nothing better than waking up in a comfortable bed in the morning, ready for a day of sun and waves. Make your health a priority on your next vacation by staying at Outrigger Surin Beach Resort! After taking advantage of the easy access to the white sands of Surin beach, spoil yourself with indulgent food and an evening dip in the pool!