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8 Valuable Tips for Taking Better Phuket Sunset Photos

December 6, 2019
Outrigger Surin Beach Resort

Sunsets never fail to captivate anyone even if it happens every day. Those who are strolling on the beach can’t help but stop for a while and bask in the glorious view. Likewise, it’s automatic for spectators to bring out their phones to capture the view. If that’s the case, here are eight steps that will help you capture great sunset photos in Phuket.

1. Plan the frame

Decide in advance where you will capture the sunset and arrive a bit early to find the perfect angle or foreground. Identify places that provide fantastic vantage points of the sunset and identify their movement until the last minute because you may be at the wrong location. There may be instances when the sun hides behind a hill before setting. You can avoid this by typing “Phuket Sunset” on Google to determine the precise time.

2. Don’t use flash

Some tourists in Promthep Cape are guilty of using flash while capturing the sunset. It will not work unless you set the right exposure level to balance the light from the camera and from the sun.

3. Find a subject

Incorporating silhouettes or people or boats will break the monotony of the image and create fantastic focal points that add depth to the image.

4. Put it in a frame

The eyes get fixated with the brighter parts of an image, and framing the sunset with trees, rock, or foliage highlights the sun even more. It also works with daylight photos wherein it will look better with a frame in the foreground. Play with the natural elements available to create more dramatic frames.

5. Use water reflection

Look for a wet area or wait for the low tide to get an image with two sunset skies. The reflection adds warmth to the image, making it exhibit-worthy.

6. Take sunset photos without the sun

Even if the sun is setting, there are times when it is still too high to produce a warm yellow tone. You can play around this natural occurrence by adjusting the color balance of your camera to flash and underexpose your photo to -2 or -3. Use the setting to take as many photos as possible and experiment with different settings and levels of exposure.

7. Increase saturation

Boost the saturation of your camera to render better colors. Some people don’t experiment with their cameras to discover settings that produce great images. Tinker with your camera before going on vacation to master its features.

8. Don’t rush

The sky will continue to render contrasting hues long before the sun has set. Digital cameras can capture the colorful sky as long as you keep the device steady. Bringing a tripod will help stabilize the photos to avoid blur. You can also use the colorful sky to capture romantic shots with your partner.

Where to stay after the sunset

After enjoying the stunning Phuket sunset, you can relax at Outrigger Surin Beach Resort. Choose from their well-designed rooms that make you feel at home and savor sumptuous cuisine at their restaurants. End the day with a relaxing massage or a comforting drink at the bar. Get in touch with us today to book your stay at one of the top-rated luxury resorts in Phuket.